One of Lord Howe’s most popular walks, the Malabar track starts from Ned's Beach Road and quickly climbs up a hill that leads to the top of a long mountain ridge.

From here, climbers can get wonderful views – and photos – of Ned’s Beach stretching around to the lagoon and reaching Mounts Gower and Lidgbird. It’s the classic Lord Howe view and keen photographers can set off predawn to capture the sunrise as the pink light casts its glow on the mountains.


1 Malabar Walk
2 Malabar Walk

Malabar can be completed in two hours, or walkers can decide to extend their adventure along the ridge, reaching Kim’s Lookout or even opt to continue along to Mount Eliza and loop down to return via North Bay. This longer loop is a half-day undertaking.

The walk leads through kentia palm groves and past shearwater breeding burrows. At the top, the walk leads along the cliffs which plunge dramatically into the ocean below and offers views to the Admiralty Islands. The cliff crannies are ideal habitat for one of the world’s largest colonies of Red-tailed tropic birds, which put on a thrilling aerial display between September and May.