For bird and nature lovers, Lord Howe’s teeming colonies of seabirds can be viewed along its cliffs and beaches at various times of the year.

Commonly seen around the island are Red-tailed tropic birds, Flesh-footed shearwaters known as Mutton Birds, Sooty terns, Providence Petrels and Masked boobies.

Lord Howe’s worldrenowned resident naturalist Ian Hutton has been exploring Lord Howe Island, researching and recording its flora and fauna for more than 35 years. Ian is also the curator of the Lord Howe Island Museum and is a frequent interviewee on radio and television nature documentaries.

1 Join Naturalist Ian Hutton
2 Join Naturalist Ian Hutton

For dedicated birdwatchers, a private tour with Ian exploring beautiful North Bay is an unforgettable experience. Capella guests have the opportunity to meet Ian and learn from his extraordinary knowledge when he hosts sunset drinks at the lodge on Saturday evenings.