Little Island is a lovely walk along the island’s southwestern shoreline to the base of Mount Gower. It’s an easy stroll down the hill from Capella, and a good hike up on return!

The walk leads through a shady arbour of banyan trees and kentia palms, which offer the ideal habitat for the endangered Lord Howe Island Woodhen. Walkers can try clapping their hands to catch the birds’ attention, they’ll come out of the forest understory to investigate the action. It’s easy to get twitchy here!

1 Little Island Walk
2 Little Island Walk

From March through to September, walkers witness the rare Providence Petrels flying around the twin peaks of Mounts Gower and Lidgbird. Lord Howe is the only place where these extraordinary birds breed, and they can be seen by the hundreds returning to their burrows in the late afternoon. It’s possible to call the birds down from the sky by mimicking their ‘woo woo woo woo’ cry, which is a fun one to try.

At the end of the track there’s a beautiful patch of green grass, perfect to sit for a bit and soak up the stunning views of the mountains and the Tasman Sea.