Often glimpsed as a shadowy figure on the horizon, Ball's Pyramid is the world’s tallest sea stack, rising up from the ocean some 27 kilometres south of Lord Howe. An exhilarating boat ride brings the mysterious peak into focus.

A boat journey to Ball’s Pyramid, the world’s largest sea stack rising from the oceans some 20km from Lord Howe is an unparalleled adventure. The mysterious seas stack is a volcanic remnant, home to extraordinary bird and marine life and a renowned diving and snorkelling spot when the weather and tides permit.

The 562metre basalt spire is also home to the endemic Lord Howe Island stick insect or phasmid, long thought to be extinct and rediscovered on the pyramid’s shores in 2001. 

1 Balls Pyramid
2 Balls Pyramid

Operators including Reef n Beyond and Sea to Summit run boat tours to the pyramid. Often schools of dolphins accompany the boat on its journey there.  

Diving the pyramid with Pro Dive Lord Howe is a worldclass highlight, and divers can expect clear waters to see huge schools of fish including Sweep, Amberjack, Kingfish, Rainbow Runners, Trevally and Silver Drummer, and the occasional Marlin and Wahoo. Whale Sharks have also been sighted on the trip to the Pyramid. Ball’s Pyramid is the place to spot the rare Ballina Angelfish, which usually keep to very deep waters.