Nestled in the Tasman Sea, Lord Howe Island emerges like a jewel from the ocean’s depths. With untouched rainforests, soaring cliffs, and pristine coral reefs, the tropical island and its many ecosystems are a cradle to unique natural life. For Ian Hutton, this island paradise isn’t just home; it’s a lifelong love affair and a mission to protect it.

Ian describes life on the island like ‘living in a David Attenborough documentary’. Simply stepping out of his front door offers the opportunity to explore a range of distinctive ecosystems, all hosting their own range of wildlife that differs greatly to what can be found on the nearby mainland including a mysterious “coal age” mist forest, a realm shrouded in mosses, ferns and ancient bioluminescent fungi. Towering volcanic cliffs are home to hundreds of bird species, while a quick ride in his dinghy sets Ian upon the world’s southernmost coral reef full of vibrant coral and fish.